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The Goldfield Hotel: Gem of the Desert

Patty Cafferata

April 2005 978-0-9746996-1-5


No Nevada History library is complete without this book which describes the Goldfield Hotel, an opulent reminder of one of Nevada's historic mining boom towns.  This publication contains information on the hotel's interior, the owners, the hotel myths and its ghosts.  A brief history of Goldfield and information about the two hotels built before the current structure was constructed are also included.  The book has 28 photographs, 2 illustrations and two maps.  This book covers the history of the hotel from 1905 until 2004.

Because of the hotel's resident ghosts, some have dubbed the Goldfield Hotel as one of the scariest places in America.


A reporter from the Goldfield Daily Times dubbed the Goldfield Hotel the "gem of the desert" when it opened in 1908. While the Goldfield Hotel is a historic gem today, it has not proven to be a treasure to its many owners.


"Easy to read story about one of Esmeralda County's historical centerpieces."— Ben Viljoen, Chairman, Esmeralda County Commission.

"The book captures the untold story of the magnificent Goldfield Hotel." — Guy Rocha, Assistant Administrator, Nevada Archives & Records.

"The story records important events surrounding one of the memorable buildings in Central Nevada." — Mella Harmon, Nevada Historic Preservation Specialist.

"A must read for Nevada history aficionados." — Allen Metscher, Central Nevada historian.